Below are the courses I currently offer online.

If there is nothing suitable for you: I would be happy to make you an offer with individual content! Just send me an email me with any topics or suggestions. I am incredibly flexible and can offer you exactly what you need.

All courses*2 consists of a complimentary introductory lesson (approx. one hour), a free trial lesson and a further FOUR lessons*1 and only costs 99 Euro.

(*1 an online lesson = 60 Minutes) (*2 only for new customers)

English for holidays/vacations

We all know how helpful it can be when travelling to know some of the basics of the English language. Often just speaking a few words helps to break the ice and connect with people. At the hotel, we might want to ask for more "bath towels / serviettes de bain" ... but if we don't know the word for towels, it could lead to misunderstandings. In this course we will discuss some of the authentic things that might happen when travelling abroad; we learn the most important vocabulary; we do a little role play to practise what we have learned; and all this in a relaxed atmosphere. "Excuse me, I need some new bath towels."

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English - Let's Talk: Refresher course with focus on oral communication

You already have some knowledge of the English language ... but haven't used it for such a long time. Do you feel like you've forgotten a lot? In this course, we want to go back to the basics and to brush up your knowledge. We will concentrate mainly on speaking, listening and understanding. Depending on how much you value perfectionism (the written language and grammar) we will also take this into account. (Of course we can also speak a little German to help you on your journey). In a relaxed and slow way, let's also talk, talk, talk ... until we feel confident enough to move on to other (more important) things. We will have a lot of fun looking at the essentials of what it takes to speak and understand English.
This is really 'learning by doing'!

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Business English Basics

Are you still unsure about using English at work? In this course we will look at all aspects of using English at your working life and use practical examples and rollen-spielen to assist in the learning process.
Some of the topics dealt with are:
- Meeting and greeting business partners
- making telephone calls
- practical problems in online meetings
- conducting negotiations
- Considering cultural differences of business partners
- Writing business letters, etc.
Through numerous exercises and role plays, you will gain more self-confidence for your everyday professional life.
Learning by doing!

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English for the Young-at-Heart

Regardless of age, it is always possible to learn or refresh the English language. Do you have the time and desire to learn English? Would you like to learn some basics of the English language so that you can hold simple conversations in English or understand more of the many English terms that appear in our everyday lives - tv news, magazines, etc.? Then perhaps you shouldn't let your age hold you back. When learning we will adapt to your own learning pace and the content that your needs. With lots of exercises and a lot of fun, I will teach you the most useful vocabulary and the basics of communication.

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English and the importance of Small Talk

Learning to engage in conversation with someone - in a relaxed, sincere and friendly way - or small-talking is crucial when learning English.
This course offers you the opportunity to "brush up" on your English communication skills. What is the importance of small talk in business and private life? Which topics are appropriate and which are not? Why you should strive to ask "open questions", etc. How do I show sincere interest in my conversational partner?
Small talk is important and should not be neglected due to a lack of language skills or linguistic insecurity.

- This course uses some of the information from Coach Antony Birks' book entitled: Small Talk: Enlightening Interruptions (available at Amazon).

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I got to know Antony Birks as a competent, sensitive and versatile English teacher. The lessons were characterized by mutual exchange on a wide variety of social topics. That made the lessons entertaining and instructive at the same time: Learning by discussing!
- Roland R. CEO in Berlin

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